For Progind, the global approach to quality means not only compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016, but also a business management system based on continuous improvement, that operates in consideration of the involvement and participation of everybody, to better meet customers´ needs with top quality products.

Progind is committed to manufacture products in compliance with the existing regulatory requirements, and derived from applicable technical and legal regulations, in addition to the specifications of the customer to whom Progind guarantees the following:

  • Reliability of the solutions offered
  • Trust and professional proficiency with respect to relations and services proposed.
  • Development and breakthrough solutions oriented to “behind the curve” progress and research.

Corporate processes are organized in such a way to obtain the effectiveness of expected results, preventing unnecessary waste while maximizing the use of resources; to achieve sustainability in the various processes and in the company impact for all the stakeholders.


Progind style

In Progind, the working environment is dynamic, flexible and naturally oriented to easily adapt to customers‘ needs. Our watchwords are sharing and integration.

The introduction of new competences that harmoniously integrate with more experienced ones, creates the right team spirit, optimizing the various processes and promoting the achievement of the best outcomes.

Continuous training and sharing of experiences and know-how among working groups make people involved with, aware of, and strongly committed to customer satisfaction objectives.

Environmental care

Progind sensibility with respect to environmental issues is not only an inherent part of our corporate culture, but it also becomes visible through every choice made concerning the site and the organization of the manufacturing process, oriented to sustainability and low environmental impact.

More than 10 years ago, with the renovation of the first plant, a photovoltaic system was installed. Along with the manufacturing of the new tooling, in 2015, Progind chose to build a Class A plant, with a geothermal system and heat pumps with extremely low consumption of non-fossil energy.

Additionally, we are attentive to a series of details that translate into a microclimate controlled from inside the building, that turns the working environment healthy and comfortable through the year.