Progind has over twenty years of experience in the management of aesthetic finishing processes, such as painting, laser etching, chrome-plating, pad printing, hot-stamping, plating and assembly.
Progind offers to its customers a wide range of finishings, according to the most important market trends; it has selected and updated over time, the best competencies, while getting orienting towards sustainability, performance improvement and cost reduction.
Progind achieves its goals through the application of innovative materials, as well as the use of traditional ones, together with the evolution of processes and technologies.

Nowadays the main special processings  are:


A series of processes carried out on automatic lines that deal with solvent or water-based paint products, according to customer’s specifications. Glossy and opaque painting can be realized, as well as UV, chrome-like paintings and multiple overlapping layers, that by means of laser removal enable the night backlighting of the key.

Laser etching

Laser etching is a process that enables paint marking by layer removal, thus obtaining night backlighting of the key, or simply, the drawing of a symbol/function: this finishing guarantees a product with high standards of aesthetic quality.
Part of the equipment of the corresponding department are lamp marking lasers, with self-centering camera and rotating tables.


Galvanic process used exclusively with plastic components, on automated lines; hexavalent and trivalent chrome-platings with glossy, satin and brushed finishings.
For some years now, selective chrome-plate finishings have been proposed on plastic components, moulded with bi-material and tri-material technology, to enable backlighting of keys and aesthetic plates.

Metallization – PVD

An automatic process exclusively used with plastic components, carried out in high vacuum, by deposition of metal particles. This finishing enables to create the same aesthetic effect of chrome-plating but with different characteristics of duration and usage.
Finishing can be laser-etched by marking to obtain special effects and symbols.


Progind offers to its customers automatic and manual assembly for mechanical groups intended for electronic and electrical assembly.
Focused on components with high aesthetical characteristics, and on technical assembled components aided by automation for small and medium requirements; Progind has selected over time, the best competencies available on the market to design and manufacture automation components suitable for the industry of reference.

In mould labelling (IML) moulding

It is a process that utilizes special sheets made of silk-screened plastic (single and in a roll) to obtain with the moulding process alone, a finishing of the symbols and of the surface (flat black high gloss) with top aesthetical characteristics.
The finishing is used for night backlighting.