Progind manufacturing is structured in two main divisions: moulds for plastic material moulding, single and multi-impression, injection moulds for 1K, 2K and 3K injection moulding; moulds for the sheet metal blanking (progressive, for deep-drawing, transfert).

Inspired by the principles of the Industry 4.0, the coordination of orders at their completion is articulated through a management phases model, beginning with feasibility and moving on to designing, to related orders, to the monitoring of the manufacturing hours so to know, in real time, the order status, mould tests and corresponding sampling; important and useful information for customers and internal managers who keep under strict control deadlines and objectives.

Moulds for plastic material moulding

Thanks to a continuous improvement system derived from self-learning processes during series components moulding, innovative technological solutions are created over time, solutions that can be offered in future and forthcoming projects.

Solutions are applied to a considerable range of technologies and products among which:

  • Bi and tri injection Moulds
  • In Mould labelling (IML) Moulds
  • Moulds for co-moulding of plastic and metallic inserts
  • Mould aided by automatic processes

Moulds for sheet metal blanking

Expertise built over time by Progind in the fields of sheet metal blanking, ranges from sheet metal blanking using progressive moulds, to deep drawing moulds and transfer moulds for small, medium and large dimensions.

Typical products are sheared tracks for lamp holders, contact instruments, column switches, sound dampers, engine cases and stators with thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 5 mm.

Quite significant is the expertise in hard metal blanking moulds for the packaging of engine magnetic laminations, transformers and generators