Collaborative design

For Progind, design is not merely an aesthetic practice, but also feasibility in industrial terms.
It is from this perspective that specialists at Progind work alongside customers starting from the original idea that will lead to the final product, offering solutions to optimize mass production and costs saving.

Moulding simulation

Using the most advanced CAE software, Progind can perform a moulding simulation before designing the mould itself, therefore limiting designing mistakes and empirical technical choices, and guaranteeing a high repeatability of the process over time.

The various simulation phases begin with the identification of the best injection point to proceed with the analysis of the filling phase, maintenance, cooling and deformation of the moulded product. All the above-mentioned phases become advantages for a better and more efficient mould designing and manufacturing, as well as for the moulding process.

Mould design

The mould design service is the result of the skills and creativity of the technical staff with a focus on the aesthetical and mechanical quality of the product, using Value Analysis techniques to achieve the best balance of cost and performance, FMEA Analysis to diminish failures in process and feasibility analysis that involves the entire production chain.