Attention to quality and service contributed to the company´s success which, nowadays, is a leader in its field with a significant market presence in all continents.
With the aim of ensuring and increasingly respectful and socially responsible attitude to establish an agreement of trust between the Company and the public, Progind has decided to adhere to an Ethical and behavioral document.  This document, called the “Code of Ethics” outlines the values of reference and the Company commitments, it governs the behaviour of those working for the Company and behaviours expressing a positive ethical value.

The Code of Ethics represents, therefore, a public official declaration of Progind´s commitment to pursuing the highest level of ethics in the fulfilment of Company´s mission, identifying operational standards and behavioral guidelines.
Progind agrees to respect and enforce general principles and ethical regulations outlined in the present Code, as this respect corresponds, not only to fundamental moral purposes, but also to a greater protection, from an economic perspective, of corporate interest.

Awareness that the behaviour of a few can damage the image of everybody else, should be an invitation to everyone to contribute to the general observance of the principles subsequently expressed, fostering their diffusion inside and outside the company.
The Code, in this respect, implements the principle of cooperation in view of a reciprocal benefit of the parties involved, and in the role that each of them plays.
The Code does not replace any legislation or interferes overlapping it or any other internal or external regulatory source. Contrary to that, it has become a complementary document that reinforces all those principles expressed in these sources, with a specific reference to the ethical profile of corporate behavior.

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