Progind has been active for fifty years in the manufacturing of moulds for plastic material and sheet metal.

Strong in its experience and oriented towards continuous improvement, Progind is an example of excellence not only in the automotive market, but also in all those sectors that privilege design and aesthetics, such as the cosmetic industry, appliances and internet of things.

Sensitive to technology and innovation, promptness and customer care, are the values that enable us to manufacture high quality solutions and products, carefully designed in their aesthetics and responding to our customer´s needs.

Over time, Progind has consolidated the competences and know-how to oversee the entire manufacturing process; from designing to mould manufacturing and moulding, to a guarantee of a top-quality industrial manufacturing.

A process entirely managed in Italy, in the plant located near Turin, and eventually, with the involvement of carefully selected partners among the best players in the national and international market.

Constantly focused on transparency and entrepreneurial seriousness, the Company has written its Code of Ethics emphasizing the ethical principles, the responsibilities, the rights and duties that govern us with respect to our employees, customers, suppliers, the Public Administration and the surrounding environment.

The history and the origins of Progind, along with the territory in which it was born, have strongly forged the Company, and those principles upon which it was inspired.